Pav Bhaji

A thick flavourful vegetable curry, perfect for spooning onto fresh soft bread-rolls.

Garlicky Mushroom Tikka with Asparagus

These garlicky mushroom tikka skewers are packed with garlicky flavour. They are hardy and savoury and simply mouth-watering. A great side for your next barbecue, but are filling enough to be the main event.

Quiche – Two Ways

Quiche! Its fun to say and makes a perfect easy meal. Its healthy, delicious and it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what you chose to mix into it or pair it with.

Easy Chili Chicken

This dish is as good as take-out and it will take less time than going out to pick up your order! It is sweet, tangy and spicy. The fried bites of chicken are soft and tender. And if there are any left overs, you will be eating them out of the fridge even time you walk by.

Karhi with Onion Pakora

Onion Pakora serving as the perfect crispy vehicle for the delivery of this tangy spicy karhi.

Honey Glazed Kebab Plate

Nothing satisfies your inner caveman like fire grilled meat on a stick. The warm spices on this kebab beautifully compliment the sweet tang of the honey glaze. Served with Lime Cilantro Rice, Moreish Purple Pickles and Roasted Beet Hummus.

Chana Dal with Ghiya

Chana dal & ghiya tempered with garlic, chilies, ginger, tomato and spices. Serve it up with a side of rice or chapati and some yogurt.

Butter Chicken

Tender chicken in a buttery smooth sauce made from beautiful red ripe tomatoes, cream, spices and herbs. Rich, complex and totally Moreish!

Bibimbap with our own Hot and Sticky Bap Sauce

Bibimbap literally means “mixed rice”. We’ve mixed this rice with marinated kale, sweet potatoes, and sauted mushrooms, topped it with a runny egg and a drizzle of our hot and sticky sauce.

Salmon Fingers & Crispy Chip Butty

The juxtaposition of this meal is part of what makes it so great, elements of your favorite take out treat but with an elevated twist.