Vegan Manchurians & Chow Mein

Manchurians are an indo-chinese creation. Loads of garlic and ginger, mixed with shredded vegetables and deep fried to perfection, tossed in a tangy, spicy sauce to create a perfect bite of “OMG! What is this!” and also “Are you sure this is vegan!?” With flavours that mirror the Manchurian Sauce, Chow Mien bring this dish together to create a super flavour packed meal.

Bengal Gram & Quinoa Salad with Mango Dressing

Packed with protein and fibre and of course flavour! This salad pretty much tastes like summer. The quinoa and grams are wholesome and nutty, the veggies add a burst of freshness, and the mango dressing is sweet and creamy.

Lemon Caper Salmon Wellington

Lemon, dill and capers, add the perfect salty citrus flavour to cut the rich flavour of the salmon. The puff pastry is flaky and tender, and makes this meal feel a lot more special, especially considering you can have this on the table in less than an hour.

Coconut Curry Lentils

Comfort food you won’t regret tomorrow. This Thai inspired curry dish is quick, easy and so delicious.

Mandarin Chicken Salad

Tangy savoury asian dressing, sweet mandarin oranges and crunchy greens, this salad has all the flavour and texture bases covered and is filling enough to be a meal on its own. Oh, and it is super quick to prepare!

Onion Poha

This dish is traditionally served as a breakfast, but you can serve it whenever you like. The flavour is warm and savoury, and the texture of the poha is light and fluffy. 

Kadhai Paneer Pizza

This sauce has a very fresh tomato flavour like any traditional Italian pizza sauce you are accustomed to, just with a slightly different spice profile.  And what is pizza crust, if not a giant naan?

Pav Bhaji

A thick flavourful vegetable curry, perfect for spooning onto fresh soft bread-rolls.

Garlicky Mushroom Tikka with Asparagus

These garlicky mushroom tikka skewers are packed with garlicky flavour. They are hardy and savoury and simply mouth-watering. A great side for your next barbecue, but are filling enough to be the main event.

Quiche – Two Ways

Quiche! Its fun to say and makes a perfect easy meal. Its healthy, delicious and it can be breakfast, lunch or dinner depending on what you chose to mix into it or pair it with.

Easy Chili Chicken

This dish is as good as take-out and it will take less time than going out to pick up your order! It is sweet, tangy and spicy. The fried bites of chicken are soft and tender. And if there are any left overs, you will be eating them out of the fridge even time you walk by.