Ginger Cookie Energy Bites

We won’t tell you kale chips taste just like real chips, or that these taste just like real ginger molasses cookies. But, they are tasty and they don’t have any added or refined sugar, and they are only about 50 calories a piece. So if they help satisfy your sweet tooth, that’s all that matters.

Basil Gelato

This gelato is exploding with basil flavour, but is not overwhelming thanks to the creamy sweetness of the vanilla base.

Last of the Summer Rhubarb Pie

So you have a little bit of rhubarb left to savour. But do you want pie or crumble? How to decide? Oh I know!! Both, together. Rhubarb pie with a crumble top. You’re welcome.

Chocolate Bananasicles

These really are the simplest treat, with only 3 ingredients. Totally guilt free, and they make a great alternative to ice-cream.

Mini Cherry Clafoutis

Ripe sweet cherries are almost obscene in their perfection. This decadent french dessert is light and airy but at the same time deep in flavour. It might not be a classic summer dessert in your family…yet. But I bet once you taste it, you’ll agree it tastes like summer.