Chewy Cranberry Granola Bars

These sweet and chewy granola bars have the sweetness of honey, the tartness of cranberries and a little citrus kick. They make a perfect sweet treat after dinner or a healthy lunch box snack.

Orange Cranberry Tea Cakes with Cranberry Sauce

These orange cranberry mini bunt cakes are light and elegant and pack a surprising citrus punch.  The tart cranberry sauce balances the sweetness of the cake and adds a gorgeous explosion of colour! These would make a great finish to your next holiday dinner party.

Chocolate Jalapeno Biscotti

Sugar and spice and everything nice! The combination a chocolate and jalapeños will spice up your next cookie break.

Sourdough Olive Loaf

Our warm sourdough olive loaf is soft, squishy and perfect for dipping. If you have more self-restraint, wait until the next day to cut the loaf for the perfect sandwich bread.

Sourdough Starter

Take the real bread challenge and start a wild yeast starter, then bake your own bread! The feeling of accomplishment is worth it alone. Your body will thank you for the reprieve from artificial leaveners, bleaches, and preservatives.

Chapati / Roti

Chapati is a daily staple in the Indian diet. A simple flat bread made fresh and served with each meal. Most recently we used this recipe to make tortillas for tacos, and they were far better than anything you could buy at a store.