Welcome! We are so happy that in the super market of food blogs that is the Internet, you picked ours off the shelf. We hope you will like what you have found and come back for more.

I’m Trish and my partner is Quidee. I write the words and she takes the amazing photographs and we both make food that feeds real people, mostly our families and friends, and now you.

We are neighbours who met when our kids spontaneously began playing together on the sidewalk. We had no idea that despite our vastly different backgrounds we shared a passion for food. We both love making healthy, delicious food that you just want more of.

Quidee moved to Canada from India with her husband in 2011. She learned to cook as a child from her mother, and specializes in traditional Indian cuisine with a modern flair. She’s taking a break from being a super talented IT professional to work on a more important project; raising an awesome little person. Quidee is a self-taught photographer, whose beautiful food photos inspired this blog through all the recipe requests they solicit. She believes that simple whole foods can nourish the body as well as the spirit, and she makes a mean margarita pizza.

I am an East Coast girl crisscrossing my way around Canada collecting friends, recipes and life experiences. I too learned to cook as a kid, watching and helping my parents prepare dinner and I am trying to give the same gift to my two extraordinary helpers. I started my career making drugs (the legal kind), then natural health products, and discovered along the way that I loved making stuff! And I love it even more when that stuff is natural and free of weird chemicals.  I have a mild obsession with reusable products, clean foods and handcrafts. My husband calls me a hippy, but he secretly loves it all. Don’t talk to me before my coffee.

Now go cook something!