Coconut Curry Lentils

This Thai inspired curry dish is quick and easy and so delicious, even my 2 year old asks for seconds. It’s what passes as comfort food in our house. Comfort food you won’t regret tomorrow. Lentils are packed with fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals, and are good for your heart and digestive health.

The other great thing about this meal is that it freezes very well. So IF there are leftovers, you can pack them up for a ready-made lunch for another day.currylentil

Red thai curry paste is a staple in my refrigerator. Just the smell of it takes me to a happy place, a place where lemongrass grows everywhere. Combined with creamy coconut milk, tomato passata, and a few spices, the result is a thick rich sauce that I crave. I have however found that different brands of curry paste vary significantly in their flavour concentration and heat. A good rule of thumb is the darker the colour the more concentrated the flavour. If you have a less concentrated or more mild paste you can increase the amount of curry paste to suit your tastes.

You can garnish this dish with some fresh cilantro and spring onion, and serve with rice. I always add some fresh green peas to my rice when I make this curry. There is something about the freshness of the peas with the savoury lentils that really brings it all together.IMG_1173

Coconut Curry Lentils

Makes about 5 portions, and takes approximately 1 hour to prepare.


1 ½ cups Green Lentils
1 Medium Onion
3 cups Chicken / Vegetable Broth
2 tbsp. Thai Red Curry Paste
1/2 tsp. Turmeric
1 tsp. Curry Powder
1 tbsp. Garlic Ginger Paste
1 tbsp. Brown Sugar
2 tsp. Kasoori Methi
400 ml Coconut Milk
1 ¾ cup Tomato Passata
2 tsps. Coconut Oil


  • Rinse the lentils in cold water.IMG_1158
  • Finely dice the onion.
  • In a large pot heat the oil.
  • Add the curry paste, garlic ginger paste, turmeric and curry powder to the hot oil. Mix and sauté on medium heat for 1 to 2 minutes.IMG_1163
  • Add the onions. Stir and sauté until soft.
  • Add the lentils and stir to combine.IMG_1168
  • To the pot add the broth, coconut milk and passata.
  • Increase heat to high. Bring to a boil while stirring to combine.
  • Once boiling, reduce the heat to medium low.
  • Stir in the sugar and kasoori methi.
  • Cover and simmer for 30 to 40 minutes, stirring occasionally, until the lentils are tender and the sauce has thickened.
  • Garnish with cilantro and green onion if desired and serve with rice.cuttylentil




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  1. Megala says:

    Looks so amazing!


  2. This looks so delicious 🙂


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